In the product bulky and high transportation costs and transport security can not be guaranteed when

3, the product Depot Repair
     Customer site equipment failure in telephone guidance, parts replacement method does not resolve the case or customer replaceable parts with some difficulty, by the customer to return the equipment maintenance department or after-sales service points for maintenance. Technology in receipt of customer rework as soon as it detects and test results by telephone or by fax to inform customers. Equipment during the warranty period, maintenance department will be working 48 hours after receipt of the machine to be repaired within a concurrent returned to the customer.
    For out of warranty products, business inform the client side product test results and the price of replacement parts needed, the customer's consent, it was repaired return to each other, back and forth freight borne by the customer. If the customer does not accept the repair price, then the As the equipment back to the customer, mailing fee by the customer pays.
4, home care
    When a customer at the device fails, the product larger and higher transportation costs and transport security can not be guaranteed when the phone guidance and replacement parts are unable to solve the problem in the case, the company will send service personnel 24 hours to reach equipment on the site maintenance (Shenzhen city), other provinces and 72 hours to reach equipment on the site, home care according to geographical differences charged accordingly.